Author’s Note

Every promise in the Word of God is coming to fulfillment. God is going to gather the nations and teach His paths before His return. But how could such a global event happen… and where would it take place? God has revealed the answer and given the vision for the fulfillment of His “last days” promises spoken through the prophet Isaiah.


The building you see pictured here took nearly a year of labor to complete. The scale model of the entrance and lobby structures were photographed and incorporated into this final computer rendering. The “prophetic centerpiece” of Mount Zion is the re-creation of the Tabernacle of David.

Just a few days after finishing the model, I heard the Lord speak these words:

“The United States of America is a surrogate for Jerusalem. My people in the USA hold the heart of Jerusalem and share her heartbeat. That is why I placed USA in the heart of the name JERUSALEM.”

I believe it is the Father’s will that Mount Zion be built in the USA and that He will gather the nations — in this land — to teach and prepare His bride for the harvest. I ask that you contact me and let me know that you are joining your heart to the Mount Zion project. Read the prophecies and revelations on this site and claim them for yourself. Stand with me. Believe and pray with me. Walk the Lord’s harvest path. God is with us — guiding and providing.

The Lord says this:

“The time has come that I am no longer a ‘still, small voice.’ The time is short and the harvest is no lifetime away. My people must listen – I’m just on the other side of silence with so much love and wisdom. I’m speaking – always; My people don’t always listen. Don’t look at all the circumstances – I blow them away as pollen off a petal. I have taken all obstacles and made straight the path.”

Please send me an email and share your thoughts with me.

David Magiera