Explore Mt. Zion

God has promised to prepare His bride (Revelation 19:7); He has promised an extraordinary, anointed union of His bride to accomplish His Word (John 17:21-23); and He has promised to gather the nations in the last days (Isaiah 2:2,3; Isaiah 43:9).

There shall be a place, a sanctified and consecrated place, dedicated to the glory of God — a place where He will assemble the nations: a place where the “spirit of Elijah” will manifest and reign! A place where the Tabernacle of David will be restored. We shall come together and worship, and rejoice, and dance like David did. The nations will come together before the Lord of lords and King of kings in the fullness of His Spirit — and the world will stand in awe!

Mt. Zion is truly a mountain of a building.

Mt. Zion has four identical sides and four identical entrances: Zion East, Zion West, Zion North and Zion South. Each side is a quarter-mile wide. Each entrance, with its adjacent 1750 bridal chambers (total of 7,000 rooms and suites), is identical to the other. The building is a quarter of a mile square and 26 stories tall at the center directly above its 70,000 seat auditorium.

MZ Entrance 2

10,000 Angels – Ten thousand angels in sculpture relief will be seen on exterior facade and interior wall surfaces.

7,000 Bridal Chambers — Mt. Zion has 7,000 bridal chambers (rooms) and suites accommodating 14,000 to 20,000 guests. Many of the rooms will have balconies with a view of the gardens and the Tabernacle of David.

70,000 Seat Auditorium — Mt. Zion has a 70,000-seat auditorium at its core, with spacious seating and extra-wide isles so that everyone – young and old, together – can dance before the Lord.

Tabernacle of David – At the center of Mt. Zion, in the back portion of the auditorium platform, will be an exact recreation of David’s Tabernacle constructed in stepped levels.

One mile of Indoor Garden & Walking Paths — Mt. Zion will have over a mile of flowered walking gardens, prayer gardens and sculpture gardens inside the building, with waterfalls and a three-story-high, terraced landscape which leads up to the rear auditorium seating.

Jordan River Bank – Mt. Zion will have a recreation of the bank of the Jordan where walk-in baptisms will take place.

Twelve Tribes of Israel – Mt. Zion will have huge vaulted ceilings with a vast center skylight illuminating the names of God and the twelve tribes of Israel. They are etched in 10 ft. high letters on the auditorium panels above the seating. The twelve tribes are divided among the north, east, south and west panels.

Banquet Rooms – Mt. Zion will have large banquet rooms to accommodate large groups and a banquet-size kitchen and staff. Experienced, multilingual, multicultural staff will bring a comfort level to the worship center.

Maintenance Facilities — Laundry, heating and air conditioning power plants will be located in the sub levels.

Ethnic Restaurants — There will be at least twelve ethnic restaurants located in the walk areas. Each restaurant will have the architecture, art and colors of their origin. Exquisite foods prepared by chefs from all around the world will make everyone feel at home… and give many the opportunity to vicariously experience other parts of the world.

Tram Car Electric Rail System — Just inside the interior at the second level will be a quiet, electric tram rail system that will transport guests to all sides and all destinations within the Mount Zion complex.

Airstrip & Heliport – Mt. Zion will have its own airstrip, hanger and heliport adjacent to the main building. The entire Mount Zion complex will be located on elevated land while the airstrip may be on an adjacent piece of property already in existence.

International Broadcast Facility – A complete TV broadcasting production facility, with large auditorium (Jumbotron) viewing screens, will be housed within the complex. Everyone in attendance will be given a clear, up-close look at the ministry events.